In a few short 3 days, Europe’s best football players kick-off the European football championship in shirts containing harmful and toxic substances new findings by BEUC members bags outlet
Having tested 9 official EURO 2012 shirts, all were found to have worrying levels of chemical content.supra shoes outlet
Lead, a heavy metal, is found in 62 out of 9 tested shirts. In kits from Spain and Germany, lead exceeds recommended levels for children products.
Ronaldo, van Persie and their teammates from Portugal and the Netherlands will play in shirts containing nickel.
Host country Poland’s shirt should be banned outright from shops as it contains an organotin compound (used to prevent sweatodour) in higher doses than the legal limit. Organotin can be toxic to the nervous system.
Nonylphenol - which can disrupt the endocrine system and is banned from wastewater because of its harmful effect on the environment - was found in Spain and Italy shirts.
EU-wide consumer organisation BEUC wants the shirts banned, and Fine Gael MEP and former GAA president Sean Kelly says the manufacturers should change them immediately.
The head of BEUC, Monique Goyens, said fans could pay up to €90 for shirts, and the least they should expect is that they are safe. She said it proved that the current legislation, known as Reach, was not fit for purpose, especially to evaluate the dangerous cocktail effect of chemicals in kits.
“It is inexplicable that heavy metals are used in mass consumer products,” said Ms Goyens.
“It is clearly foul play by manufacturers to use substances harmful to both people and the environment.”
Mr Kelly said the sports clothing manufacturers must take decisive action to reduce the presence of these harmful substances in their sports gear.
“It is not fair to parents and children to expose them to this threat.”
He urged manufacturers and the European Commission to take urgent action to reduce the threat of harmful exposure to dangerous chemicals in sportswear.
BEUC said sportswear should be washed before wearing. If the wearer suffers irritation they should remove the garment and, if necessary, see their doctor. Governments, which are responsible for enforcing the Reach legislation, must take more action, it said.


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