leveling cap in this game

They'll have testing opportunities for both EU and NA region PTRs in their respective prime time playing hours. guild wars 2 gold There might also be a boss or two we do leave up for extended testing, and some bosses will only be tested in either the EU or NA. Some encounters won't be up on the PTR at all! There's 14 boss encounters in Ulduar, there will be lots to test. The schedule will be quite flexible, check in the Dungeons & Raids forum and on the PTR forum for updates.

The first set of boss encounters to get gw2 item testing will include:

The Iron Council

Both 10 player and 25 player versions of the encounters will be open to testing, gw2 gold and they expect players to have nearly full Naxxramas gear. While Jillian McWeaksauce might make appearances on the PTR to provide testing consumables, please try to bring your own.

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